Ash Scattering Services Florida

Funeral At Sea provides ash scatterings in Florida, in the areas around Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Key Largo, Anclote Key, Veterans Reef, Key Largo, and Sanibel Island Lighthouse.

If you have any questions about how a Funeral at Sea works, go to our FAQ page.  To learn what services we provide, go to Our Services page.  If you are interested in having a biodegradable urn or wreath as part of a funeral at sea, go to our Biodegradables page.  And our Pricing page will tell you what it will cost.

Funeral At Sea offers a dignified and simple alternative to the conventional funeral. Funeral at sea, whether it be the scattering of cremains by boat or airplane, is a time honored tradition. It is less costly than a land funeral, and in many ways is much more refined.

We can arrange for services in any navigable body of water in the world, local laws and customs permitting, as we have connections with many captains.

Our services range from a simple unattended scattering of cremains by boat or airplane anywhere in the state of Florida to elaborate memorial services for up to 100 passengers.  If you need to have a funeral at sea in Florida, contact us.



Read the article in the St. Petersburg Times (now the Tampa Bay Times) about Funeral at Sea and Captain John Polivick here.


Read the article in the Tampa Tribune about Funeral at Sea and Captain John Polivick here.


We can handle a Funeral at Sea 365 days a year at any of our locations.  Our trips leave both in the morning and the afternoon.  If you have questions, or simply want to schedule a day to have a Funeral at Sea, Contact Us.

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