Biodegradable Urns


Urn-imageFloating Urns –  Any urn that goes into the water must be biodegradable and it should sink in a reasonable amount of time.  Over the years and thousand of trips we have seen every urn on the market.    The two worst urns we have seen are the cardboard brick shaped urn from a “cremation society” named after a planet that doesn’t deserve the negative association, and a heart shaped urn from another cremation society that claims to be national in scope.  Both are junk and a waste of money. Our biodegradable urn is handmade here in Florida out of unfired pottery clay, and is rack dried.  It never goes into a kiln. It is simple, beautiful, and it is the finest biodegradable urn available.  It sinks in 3 to 5 minutes every time. This gives all family members time to view the urn, take pictures, and say last goodbyes.  It is bio friendly and dissolves in approximately 24 hours, releasing the ashes to travel around the world and back again. BIODEGRADABLE CLAY URN $195

SHELL BIODEGRADABLE URN – our scallop shell biodegradable urn also floats for 5 minutes or so before sinking.  It is a large shell, about 400 cubic inches, and can hold the cremains of two adults.  Perfect for scattering the ashes of a couple.  Made of paper pulp, it is our favorite urn. And we have the lowest price anywhere: BIODEGRADABLE SHELL URN $295

wreathBiodegradable Wreath– Our biodegradable wreath is made from dried California grapevine and flowers, and is 100% eco friendly. Many families have both the wreath and urn:  the urn can be placed directly inside the wreath as they both float away from the boat, and the urn eventually sinks.  BIODEGRADABLE WREATH $85

KEEPSAKE URNS We have keepsake urns, which are small urns that hold a tiny amount of ashes.  They are made of different materials, such as brass, abalone shell, and glass.  Prices vary on these items.  Contact us for details.

If you need a biodegradable urn or wreath or a keepsake urn but are not coming to Florida, we will be happy to ship directly to you.  Just contact us at 813-855-2093 or email captain John:

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