How do I know if a Funeral at Sea is what our loved one wanted?

The best way is to ask beforehand.  But if your loved one has already passed away, check his or her last will and testament for burial directions.  If there are no written burial directions, then the family needs to determine, as best it can, the burial intentions of the deceased.  Is this what he or she wanted?  If it is, you should have a Funeral at Sea.

How are cremated remains sent to Funeral At Sea for burial at sea?

If you contact Funeral At Sea before you receive the cremated remains, we can coordinate the crematory or funeral director’s transportation directly to us. If you have cremated remains, simply insert your check and our Authorization Form inside the outer shipping container, and mail to Funeral At Sea via U.S.P.S. priority mail express. While shipping is not within our control, this method of shipment has proven to be reliable. You can go to the Authorization page to print a form or you can call us or E-Mail us have an authorization form sent to you.

Why do you use the post office for the shipping of cremated remains?

Most cremated remains are shipped to Funeral At Sea via registered mail. The use of United States Postal Service’s registered mail is by far the most secure form of transportation. The shipment is protected by the United States Government. It is only proper that every precaution is taken to protect the transportation of human remains. The transportation of them at a guarded government facility assures they are safe, and protected.

What sites are available for burial at sea of cremated remains?

We go out of Clearwater, Tampa, St. Pete, Anclote Key, Veterans Reef, Sanibel Island, and Key Largo Florida.  Funeral At Sea maintains offices in Clearwater & Key Largo, Florida. We have affiliates, licensed by the U. S. Coast Guard, or by state agencies, where required, at virtually every port in America. Scatterings may be performed virtually anywhere in the world. Call us with your specific wishes. Our most popular site is within view of the Anclote Key Lighthouse off Tarpon Springs, Florida. Other favorite sites are Veterans Reef off Clearwater, Florida and Christ of the Abyss off Key Largo, Florida. We will work hard to arrange a dignified, affordable service in the area of your choice.

We wish to accompany you on your voyage. Is this possible?

Yes, and many families join Funeral At Sea for a charter voyage that they can plan and direct. We can assist, as you desire. We can provide charter services from several ports in Florida. We can even arrange for seaside dining, or on board refreshments. Call us today.

How do we check the marine weather for our trip?

We do not wish to attend your sea journey. Can this be arranged?

Most families do not attend the burial at sea service for a number of reasons. Either they do not wish to journey to the seashore, or they simply wish a private service performed by a solitary sea captain. This is the most economical service, with fees beginning at $100, depending the location and method of scattering selected.
More Questions? Call Funeral At Sea! 813-855-2093  Or email us: sales@funeralatsea.com

If we have an attended Funeral at Sea. how long does it take?

In most cases the average Funeral at Sea lasts about an hour and a half from the time we leave the dock until we get back.  Some families like to spend more time on the water than others, and therefore some voyages last longer than others.  But there is no time limit to how long your family can stay out on the water.  You let us know when you are ready to come back in to port.

Can we bring our own food and beverages?

Yes, you can bring your own food and beverages.  We provide bottled water, and we also have fruit platters, sushi, vegetable trays and other food items available upon request. Most of our clients are from out of town and don’t have kithcens readily available, so we will work with you on any request for food or beverage.

Can you provide keepsake urns?

Yes, we have keepsake urns available.  These urns have a small chamber in which we put some of the ashes of your loved one.

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